Tuesday 31st May 2016


Overcast, cool. The odd shower falling. No wind at this stage.  Fresh snow on Mt Pihanga. The Boss reported all rivers are fishable with a touch of colour as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable. 

I managed to get out for a flick over the days I had off.  Sunday was a bit of a write-off. I got out nice and early thinking most others wouldn't bother to fish in the dirty water.  My suspicion was correct.  The water had dropped back from the day before and looked like it would continue to go down. I started fishing .... no luck.  I noticed a rock sticking out of the waters edge where I was fishing. After a while I thought I would change to a wetline and work my way down river .... but I noticed the rock I had seen had disappeared! The river had come up about 4-5 inches in about 10 mintues. 

A word of advice if you are going to fish conditions like that.  As soon as you get to the river pick a reference marker just in case you notice the levels start to rise. Also the reference marker indicates if levels fall too !

Anyway I ended up moving on and I hooked a good fish on the wetline but the thing came to the surface, rolled a couple of times and was gone.  It was really silver and had a green back.  I couldn't tell if it was a nice brown or a fresh rainbow.  Apart from that I spent the rest of the day losing some of my flies that I am trying to lose out of my flybox ... you know the ones that have been in there for the last 10-15 years which always get overlooked by the more popular ones!!  After a year I still haven't managed to lose many ... I'm trying to re-stock my flybox once this task is complete with my go to flies.

I did see a few more anglers emerge later in the morning to have a crack in those conditions which was good to see, however be careful wading as you may disappear in a hole that wasn't there before !


(Above) I went for a long walk/fish on Monday to see if the river had any changes.  A few in places with some nice looking water once the river settles a bit.  This is looking upstream from the Cliff above the Admirals Pool. The Cattle Rustlers Pool is way in the distance to the top left.  Monday was a day of rainbows !! Real ones and ones of the fishy variety.


(Above & Below) I didn't have much luck to start with and was starting to wonder what I was doing wrong as I had caught fish in conditions like this previously, however noticed from lunchtime onwards things improved as the water started to clear. I was using a new fly that Peter Carty and myself had created which I have nicknamed the "Jamaican Candy". It is a really good bomb and seemed to attract the fish in.  


(Below) I only picked up rainbows on Monday.  I ended up at the Breakfast Pool and hooked a fish upon my second cast after arrival. This was nice fresh rainbow that ended up taking off towards the Major Jones Pool and busted off. 




(Above & Below) Monday was a "day of rainbows" ... they were everywhere (including in the river).  I got this top picture of double rainbows "whooa!".  

Baa baa ra and Baaaa rry must have been looking for that pot of gold that the Leprechaun had left them in the paddock!


(Below) Winter has arrived !!! Bbrrrr fresh snow on the top of Mt Pihanga this morning.


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