Tuesday 31st July 2018


Overcast with high cloud. Cool. No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

It looks like some nice fat fresh hens have been caught in the Tongariro over the last week or so. More fish should run as we head into August. 

Nymphers still appear to be using mostly glo bugs, however don't also forget the naturals if the bugs don't want to work. Also don't forget that using a bomb fly might also catch plenty of fish at times, especially if you use an orange, gold, or pink bead on the bomb. 

I must apologize for the slow web over the last week.  The website hosting platform appeared to have had an issue totally out of my control.  Fingers crossed this is now sorted.  I have noticed loading the website has been much faster and I hope you should be able to view it quicker as well.  

(Below) Pete was out and about over the last few days swinging and landed this nice silver Tongariro River rainbow hen.

pistol pete tongariro river rainbow hen july 2018.jpg

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