Thursday, 31 August 2017


Overcast ... again ... with a bit of odd drizzly rain falling at times. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at about 34 cumecs.

Don't forget that Lake Rotoaira opens tomorrow.  This will open up a few more opportunities for anglers who may find the rivers flooded in the next few weeks.

This opens up opportunities for anglers to spin fish and also to boat fish. 

Remember that you will need a Rotoaira Fishing Permit extra to the Taupo Fishing Licence to fish this lake.  This can usually be obtained from the Turangi Information Centre / Isite. 

The fish are usually easily taken at the opening of the season as they have had a rest from anglers for a few months. Stripping woolly buggers is a good idea. 

A small boat is handy but with the weed in the Lake it is necessary to check the boat to remove weed from if travelling to another lake to prevent the spread of aquatic nasties.

Don't forget that the Poutu inlet canal (coloured in yellow) is still closed until the 1st December

lake rotoaira 1.jpg


lake rotoaira 2.jpg


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