Monday 31st October 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day today.  Almost a frost this morning. Light airs as of 9:00am, this may increase during the day (yesterday was really windy until late afternoon). All rivers are fishable. 

It has been pretty busy in the shop over the last few days so haven't had a chance to touch the computer. Some great fishing to be had on the Tongariro at present. Just remember that at this time of the year you should expect to catch quite a few spent fish. This is the natural process of the fishery ..... once the fish have spawned they do get skinny.  However these fish are actually quite fun to catch as they are generally feeding and will rise to the dries.  In amongst them will still be some good fresh fish. 

Some great nymphing to be had with the abundant insect life out there. However remember the most basics of fly fishing ... SIZE, SHAPE and COLOUR and alter accordingly.

Pete was out yesterday and did really well on his Deep Sparkle Pupa and Carty's Coloburiscus doing some sight fishing.  Other have been using flashback Pheasant Tails and Flashback Hares Ears.

Had an angler in the shop yesterday looking for Green Beetles as he said they were landing on him while he was doing the gardening..... bring it on !!

peter carty tongariro river rainbow 30102016.jpg

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