Tuesday 31st October 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  All rivers are fishable. 

River anglers have tapered off a bit in number now but those that are still fishing the Tongariro are still reporting catching plenty and also some good fresh fish in amongst them.  The Spring time of the year is a great time of the year to fish for those two reasons (ie) the pressure comes off the river as most head to back country or local areas and there are usually heaps of fish in the river. Also the fish are now really in the feeding mode.

I have always found that when the Broom is in flower then the fishing is usually quite good. If we are lucky we should get some browns move into the river mid to late November with having seen them off the S.H.1 road bridge early to mid December. These are usually good fat solid fish.  Admiral Hickling wrote in his Freshwater Admiral book that September was usually a really good month.  We can still get fresh run rainbows move into the river in November.

Keep your eyes peeled during the day for rising fish. Seems to be mostly Mayflies hatching with some good reports on big dark nymphs if nymphing. The evenings have been nice for evening rise activity.


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