Wednesday 31st October 2018


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi today.  No rain as of 9:00am. Quite a blustery cool S wind blowing here in Turangi today. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

The last day of the month today.  We have powered through the year !! We can still get quite cold snaps here in Turangi right up to Christmas.  The weather can be very hot one day and then you almost want the fire going in the house the next.  This is typical unsettled Spring weather. It looks like most of the weather has now swung to the South whereas most of the weather this year for us in Turangi has come from the tropical North..... bringing lots of moisture and rain. 

The area had a massive 6 point something earthquake yesterday and Andrew and I never felt a thing in the shop.  One angler said " I wonder what this will do to the fish?" ... I said " possibly nothing  ... they still have to feed " .  After the Earthquakes in Canterbury and Kaikoura people felt the shake but then they don't stop eating ... fish will be the same. They might be a little bit rattled but their stomachs will get the better of them soon.  I was in Fiordland years ago and while surveying Milford Sound with the Navy I was tasked with recording tidal readings at the entrance to the Sound.  We had to camp overnight to do this.  At some stage during the night I was lying on a rock waiting to take the next reading swatting 2 million sandflies and listening to all the bugs / insects chirping etc.  It was quite noisy but then I noticed all of a sudden they went quiet.  Everything went quiet.  I thought this is strange, next thing there was an almighty rattle as an earthquake rolled through.  It is funny but they must have sensed this coming. 

(Below) Andrew was out and about on the Tongariro over his lunch break yesterday and hooked into a few fish.  He was swinging a small nymph behind his wetfly.  Most fish took the nymph.  The funny thing is he has suggested to anglers to use this method with most looking at him strangely and then they grab the flies they usually grab and do the same old, same old to hook few fish. It's a bit like suggesting to anglers to use the dry fly / dropper method of fishing which is basically the same as nymphing in the shallow water .... they listen and then back to the same old same old, trying to use a 12 foot leader in 2 feet of water where they can see the fish but not catch them. 


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