Thursday 31st December 2015


Overcast start to the day today.  All rivers are fishable and clear. 

Reports from the last few days have indicated fresh run rainbows coming into the river. The evening rise has been reported as tapering off a wee bit.  This usually happens and then comes back on again.  A few anglers have found the going a little on the tough side, others still having a ball (possibly something to do with the Full Moon). The odd few cicadas starting to be heard when temperatures have been up enough. 

As for Lake Taupo it seems to be a bit different in terms of reports from anglers this year.  Seems a bit up and down, some local anglers who have found the last few summers good and easy are having trouble figuring out what to use, especially for jigging. Anglers just don't seem to be raving about the jigging this year.  Reports indicate some absolute cracker fish caught full of Koura, to plenty of slabs or spent fish to some nice silver fish with pale flesh.  Few reports of smelt so far this year. The boat anglers must be aware that the past year has generally been wetter, cooler and the Spring has been windier than the previous three summers and winters. The Lake is very full at present and is possibly on the cooler side.  Once the weather settles and the temperatures rise to get the insect life and things going then this should improve. 

Seems to be better reports from trollers. Reports are fish full of Green Beetle.  Also lots of fish just under the legal size ... (still growing).

Fish reported cruising the shallows at Lake O but as soon as you cast ..... gone !




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