Taupo Fishery Regulation Changes 2017


A review of some regulations has been worked on over the last few months.  These are the new regulations that will be in force from 1 July 2017

Refer to changes at the following link:  Anglers Notice For Taupo District 2017


A summary of changes is listed below:



Three new categories of licences have been added to the schedule which are:

* An international licence for non-New Zealand residents

* A family licence which covers an adult plus spouse (either parents or grandparents) and dependents under 18 as of July 1

       * Seniors licence for anglers over 65 on July 1

Licence Costs

 24 hour (day) licences for both NZ residents and International anglers:

* NZ$20 for and adult and

* NZ$4.50 for a child (under 16 as of July 1)

Weekly licences

* NZ$42 for a NZ adult and

* NZ$65 for an international angler

 Whole season licences (July 1 2017 to June 30 2018)

* NZ$99 for an adult

* NZ$90 for a senior

* NZ$129 for a non New Zealand resident

* NZ$149 for a family (NZ residents only)

* NZ$12.50 for a child under the age of 16 as of July 1

Bag Limit

The bag limit has been raised from 3 fish per day to 6 fish per day per angler


The minimum size of fish allowed to be kept has been reduced from 40 cms to 35 cms


The area around river mouths that is reserved for fly fishing has been reduced from a 300 metres radius to 200 metres. The sections around river mouths closed to boat fishing will be indicated by a white, black and yellow ringed landmark post in the lake.


Definition of Fly Fishing

No fly fisherman can use weights on their leader other than those to assist the fly to sink. No weights may be added to assist in casting the fly. Weight added to the leader may only be in the form of split shot made from lead, bismuth or tungsten.

No leader may exceed 6 metres in length (including tippet) and all flylines used to facilitate casting must be a minimum of 3 metres in length.






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