“Tongariro Roll Cast” Casting Clinic 

National Trout Centre, Turangi 10am, 12 of August 2017 

 Instructor: Herb Spannagl and Friends 

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 This annual clinic is in its tenth year and is a special fund-raising venture for the National Trout Centre.    
 Are you sick of digging wayward globugs out of your fishing jacket?  Have you become gun-shy casting heavy nymphs or need pain killers to last through a long fishing day? With the Tongariro Roll Cast these common annoyances are things of the past. Once you master this great cast you will launch murderous bombs in complete safety and cast them distances you never thought possible.  With little back cast room needed you will be able to fish where others can’t. These are just a few of the advantages that this great casting technique offers. Over the last 14 years this cast has become my “go to” fishing style for the Tongariro River to the point where I often fish a whole week without making a single overhead cast.     
 But let me warn you this is not an easy cast to learn and to perfect it requires cast iron commitment to get you over the inevitable pain barrier. I have developed a teaching system that breaks this cast down into four phases, which is a great aid to understanding how and why this cast works. With an instructor at your side you will not only learn each casting phase but more importantly how to fuse them seamlessly together for the final delivery. I have also put together some written material, which will help you with your progress.  This course is definitely not for beginners. You will find it easier if you can double haul already, even though this cast only requires a single haul.     
 What to bring:  Waders, Rod from #6 upwards and a longish belly (40’) line that is 1-2 line weights higher than the rod rating. You also need a small indicator that is well treated so as not to become water logged. No flies, please, just a tuft of wool tied on the end of the leader. It is a good idea to bring eye protection and a camera to record important points for future reference. Bring your own lunch.  Tea or coffee will be available at the Centre.

 PO Box 73, Turangi, 3334   257 State Highway 1, 07 3868085 www.troutcentre.com 

 This clinic is not an introduction to the wide range of roll and Spey casts. It is entirely focused on giving you a solid foundation of the Tongariro Roll Cast and how this cast can be used in a variety of fishing situations. 
 Bookings can be made by emailing your name, contact number and email address to enquiries@troutcentre.com Cost is $85 per person charged on the day. Spaces are limited to 20 people. 
 I look forward to help you expand your casting horizon with the Tongariro Roll Cast. 
Herb Spannagl  
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