Angler Etiquette Reminder

An increased number of anglers are always to be expected during the winter fishing season so as a reminder to all seeking the thrill of a screaming reel, general angler etiquette should be extended to others. For the uninitiated (and I would also like to add for the anglers who do know and try and push others out of a pool and should know better), angler etiquette for the Taupo Fishing District is:


         When up streaming nymphers meet down streaming wetliners, the angler first in the pool should be given right of way.  No one fishing method (nymphing or wetlining) has right of way on the river.

         Avoid entering the river in front of an angler already fishing without their consent. Likewise give the edge of the river a wide berth if an angler is fishing that stretch of water to avoid spooking any fish.

         If you are sharing a pool keep moving through steadily. Continue to rotate positions through a pool, this allows all anglers opportunity to fish the better spots.  Also take note of the method of fishing as this will avoid potential conflict with others by minimising unnecessary tangles or spooking fish.

         Allow other anglers room to play a fish. It’s always best to give others space when they have a fish on. Wait until they have exited the pool before continuing. It is good etiquette to allow that angler to return to their position after landing their fish.


On the river bank common courtesy will go a long way and can lead to some good discussion on the conditions of the day. Successful anglers are more likely to pass on good advice if we give each other room to enjoy the fishing. 


Just to add to the above, I received this email from Tim.  Tim writes:


Thanks for the run down on etiquette, a worthwhile reminder.

The one question I have is on the “ Entering a pool in front of another angler”

If someone is at the head of a pool wet lining (Heading down stream) and I want to nymph starting at the tail of the pool (they were there first) then what do I do?  Best go up to the wetliner and ask if it is ok to start below them.  Always say hello and be nice.  Usually they will either give you the thumbs up or if there is a grumpy response then you know not to go there. 

If I enter the pool at the tail I am entering (effectively)in front of them?  Yes you will be in front of them.  Same story if you are nymphing at the bottom of the pool working upstream and a wetliner jumps in above you.  He is jumping in the pool in front of you.

It has always puzzled me, I generally try and talk to them to see if they mind. (That's good ... my real pet hate is if people just barge in) 


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