RIO Sinking Lines & Shooting Heads

 RIO OUTBOUND Integrated Shooting Taper Lines F

Title RIO OUTBOUND Integrated Shooting Taper Lines F


With this line the average freshwater or saltwater angler can launch long casts with ease. The supple coldwater monofilament core and coating, combined with a taper design unique to each model, plus a thin tangle-free running line, ensure the longest flight time for your casts. Available in 3 models from intermediate to DC Type 3 and DC Type 6. These lines include welded loops on the front and are color-coded for sink rate.

Floating: WF6F/F-WF10F/F. Color: Yellow/Green Intermediate: WF6F/I-WF10F/I. Color: Yellow/Clear Sink rate ~1.5-2 inches/sec (3.75—5.0cm/s) Type 3 Sink: WF6S3-WF10S3. Color: Yellow/Brown Sink rate ~3-4 inches/sec (7.5—10.0cm/s) Type 6 Sink: WF6S6-WF10S6. Color: Grey/Dark Grey Sink rate ~6-7 inches/sec (15.0—17.5cm/s)

A NOTE FOR THE TAUPO ANGLER :- although you will get extra distance the running backing on the FLOATING shooting head compromises line control on the drift. Sporting Life recommends a longer belly line.





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