Thursday 20th September 2018


River & Lake Reports


9:00am No report today.  


9:00am No report today.                  

Tauranga-Taupo( Flow Rate  )

9:00am No report today.       


9:00am No report today. 


9:00am No report today.             

Tongariro ( Flow Rate )

9:00am The Tongariro is flowing about 29 cumecs this morning and is fishable.


A few patchy reports from angler over the last few days with a mixture of quality of fish caught.  

Start looking at using natural nymphs now as we are not far away from Mayflies starting to hatch.  Try your glo bugs first but if that doesn't work then change.  The nymphers may pick up the more darker types of fish which will be looking at feeding to regain some condition whereas the wetliners will possibly pick up the better conditioned fish. First or last light might make it easier for some.

On the nymph suggest trying glo bugs, gold bead hare and coppers, black bead hare and coppers,  flashback hare and copper, gold bead pheasant tail,  small pheasant tail, green or white caddis. 

Wetline use glo bugs, olive woolly buggers, red rabbits, orange rabbits, orange beaded black woolly buggers, black and olive flash-a-buggers, gold bead dark olive woolly buggers and red setters, the wildcard being a brown woolly bugger. 


Recommended River Flies



Juicy fat white or green caddis, black bead hare and coppers, gold bead pheasant tails, horn caddis, glo bugs, otter egg glo bugs.     


Wetline use glo bugs, dark olive woolly buggers, red rabbits, orange beaded black woolly buggers, black and olive flash-a-buggers, goldbead dark olive woolly buggers.   Wee wets. 

Dry Flies

Look at Parachute Adams, Adams Moosetail or Blue Dun.            

Lake Taupo ( Levels  )

Lake Taupo Recreational Marine Forecast


13/09/2018 Bill Grace caught some good fish fly fishing at the Tongariro River Delta this morning. He said he thinks there are still some good run of rainbows yet to come through as he had quite a few hens that were full of roe.  Other boat anglers over the last week have taken out the following lures: 

The trolling anglers have mostly taken out the Kilwell black toby with a yellow lightening flash, Kilwell black toby with the silver lightening flash, Kilwell black and gold toby, Kilwell orange and black toby, and green and gold cobra. 


11/09/2018 Bill Grace has said the jigging is quite good at the Southern End of Lake Taupo.  Fish are smelting.


21/08/2018 It appears trollers have been taking out the King Rastafarian Lure. 


23/07/2018 Good reports of good conditioned fish caught on the Western side of Lake Taupo.  Some fish have been caught chokka full of smelt. Try a big grey ghost lure or silver and blue toby.


20/07/2018 Good reports from trollers using spotty gold lures and baby browns. 


06/07/2018 A report from a boat angler yesterday who did quite well trolling on Lake Taupo using a leadline with between 5-7 colours using Traffic Lights and Spotty Golds.


10/06/2018 Some good fish stacking up off the Delta ready to run. Best get out the fly line and heave and leave for them.


Queens Birthday Weekend - Good reports from anglers using leadlines with a Smashing Pumpkin lure and white teaser, others reporting fish down to about 130 feet using size 12gram Black and Gold Toby, bigger fish reported using downriggers.  Also fish reported up Motuopapa / Motutere way with fish around the 380mm length. 


08/05/2018  Some good fish reported caught at the Delta using a heave and leave glo bug. Might pay to fish this while there is some good weather before we get some rain to move them up-river.


12/03/2018 Some big fish jumping out of the water off the Whareroa Stream mouth. Some nice rainbows caught fly fishing at the rip. A few skinny rainbows hanging around too.


02/03/2018 Good reports of plenty of fish at the mouths to catch mostly on smelt patterns such as grey ghost, mini grey ghost, wriggle tail smelt and woolly buggers. Quite a few anglers are reporting skinny / recovering / slab rainbows. 


16/02/2018 Most boaties have reported dirty water at the Southern End of Lake Taupo and the fishing appears to have tapered off a bit. Most reports have been from anglers fishing the river mouths. Most using olive or brown woolly buggers, lumo doll flies, lumo black marabou.

25/01/2018 Some good reports from Delta anglers in terms of numbers of fish caught but most commenting on lots of spent or recovering fish.


Lake Otamangakau (Levels )


Closed until 1 October 2019.


Lake Kuratau

Closed until 1 October 2019.   


Lake Rotoaira

Now open for the 2018 / 19 season. Few reports so far.  

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