Monday 26th June 2017


River & Lake Reports


9:00am No report.    


9:00am Good reports of fresh fish caught up there 14th. 

Report from 17/18th thanks to Tim Lee 

Fished the Hinemaiaia on Sunday, plenty of fish, plenty of gear left in the bushes. Hooked 7 but only got 3 into the net, good fighters.        

Tauranga-Taupo( Flow Rate  )

9:00am No report today.   Some info thanks to Tim Lee from 17/18th

We fished the TT on Saturday, low and clear, lots of fish but not taking. We persisted and they came on the feed around 2pm, managed to pull 7 out of one pool, all around the 2.5 to 3.5lb mark. They all took the glow bug.



9:00am No report.


9:00am No report.        

Tongariro ( Flow Rate )

9:00am Looking great to fish today. A BIG frost to start the day. No wind as of 9:00am.  Most anglers fishing with the nymph have been using glo bugs and caddis also worth a go with flashback pheasant tails and horn case caddis and small hare and coppers. Wetliners the stock standard dark olive Woolly Bugger, orange rabbits, glo bugs, hydro hustlers.     


Recommended River Flies



Glo Bugs, juicy fat white or green caddis, black bead hare and coppers, small hare and coppers, flashback pheasant tails, gold bead pheasant tails, horn caddis.     


Try black or dark olive woolly buggers. Try a Hydro Huslter, Red Setter Orange Rabbit or Glo Bug.  

Dry Flies

All quiet on the Western Front.        

Lake Taupo ( Levels  )

Lake Taupo Recreational Marine Forecast


Few Reports. Jigging appears to have tapered off for most, however an angler called in yesterday using lime bodied grey ghosts and large yellow parsons glories.  Worthwhile having a go at the Delta using heave and leave glo bugs. Some nice fish hovering off there last week. Good reports from the odd angler out there trolling over the last week. Seems to have been spotty golds or green and gold toby working well in the Tokaanu Hole and in Stump Bay. 


Lake Otamangakau (Levels )


Now closed until 1 October 2017. 


Lake Kuratau

Few reports.  Last month on the current season. Closes at the end of June 2017.  

Lake Rotoaira

Fly fishing try Olive Woolly Bugger, Gold Bead Woolly Bugger, Red Setter, Orange Bead Black Woolly Bugger, Chartreuse Bead Black Woolly Bugger.

Spinning try Black and Gold Toby, Green and Gold Toby, Spotty Gold Cobra, Yellow and Black Toby.

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