Sunday 20th May 2018


River & Lake Reports


9:00am No report today.  Some nice looking rainbows caught Czech nymphing over last weekend by Billy and Andrew.


9:00am A few fish reported over the last week.  I saw some good photos yesterday of some really nice silver fish. More should have run after the rain from yesterday.                

Tauranga-Taupo( Flow Rate  )

9:00am No report today.


9:00am No report today. 


9:00am No report today.  Thursday a report of some smaller fish on the wetfly.            

Tongariro ( Flow Rate )

9:00am The Tongariro is highly fishable today. Flowing at about 30 cumecs. Looking great for nymphing or wetlining. Some good browns picked up over the last week both nymphing and wetlining. Some nice looking rainbows picked up by Andrew on the wetline this week. Good solid rainbows have been caught over the last week.

Fewer reports from the nymphers. Try using a green or white caddis nymph or flashback pheasant tail. Try glo bugs at first and last light or in the dirtier water.


Recommended River Flies



Juicy fat white or green caddis, black bead hare and coppers, small hare and coppers, flashback pheasant tails, gold bead pheasant tails, horn caddis, glo bugs, otter egg glo bugs.     


Try olive or gold bead brown woolly buggers or a glo bug, or an orange bead olive woolly bugger or orange bead black woolly bugger.   

Dry Flies

Almost all over in this department now.  If you are lucky you might encounter a Mayfly hatch.          

Lake Taupo ( Levels  )

Lake Taupo Recreational Marine Forecast


08/05/2018  Some good fish reported caught at the Delta using a heave and leave glo bug. Might pay to fish this while there is some good weather before we get some rain to move them up-river.


12/03/2018 Some big fish jumping out of the water off the Whareroa Stream mouth. Some nice rainbows caught fly fishing at the rip. A few skinny rainbows hanging around too.


02/03/2018 Good reports of plenty of fish at the mouths to catch mostly on smelt patterns such as grey ghost, mini grey ghost, wriggle tail smelt and woolly buggers. Quite a few anglers are reporting skinny / recovering / slab rainbows. 


16/02/2018 Most boaties have reported dirty water at the Southern End of Lake Taupo and the fishing appears to have tapered off a bit. Most reports have been from anglers fishing the river mouths. Most using olive or brown woolly buggers, lumo doll flies, lumo black marabou.

25/01/2018 Some good reports from Delta anglers in terms of numbers of fish caught but most commenting on lots of spent or recovering fish.


Lake Otamangakau (Levels )


Thursday 22nd February - Shane Peddie writes : 

Hey guys, nice condition trout I caught Thursday. Released 2 similar size,around 5 pound at a guess.Plenty of boats on lake and everyone was hooking up. Some bloody big fish in this lake and got smoked by a couple of beauties.


Last week and week Before

Some good reports so far from Lake O over the last week or so.  Most anglers using bloodworms, snail patterns, small pheasant tails.  The lake has been reported as dirty with the rainfall that we have been having.  A few reports of 7 pounders being caught. 


Lake Kuratau

A report in yesterday from two boat anglers who found the going slow.   


Lake Rotoaira

No reports. 

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