Fishing Reports

Friday 1st February 2019

Highly Fishable

It’s a bit cooler here today. There’s a very light drizzle. You’ll still have to fill the dogs water bowl, because there ain’t enough to form a puddle for him to drink out off.

Saw a few early birds out on the river this morning trying to beat the heat. In fact the rabbits were out in force too. The must like the drizzle on their ears.

The Cicadas are still roaring. In fact they’re screaming 24-7. It’s still the most productive pattern to fish with out there at the moment. There’s some nice fish being sucked up to them. Some nice fish coming out of Lake O at the moment, but not for everyone. The small red Pheasant Tail seems to be the go.

Andrew’s back in the country, so we’ll see him at some stage.

Jared and I are on deck.

Tight Lines.


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