Fishing Reports

Saturday 1st February 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  All rivers are clear and fishable.  The wind may pick up mid to late morning again.  It really blew yesterday for most of the day with a strong wind.  Fingers crossed it stays calm!

Wow! The month of January has gone …. I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas now as I am sure that by the time I finish writing this we will be there already !!!!

A little bit of rain would be nice at this stage to dampen down the dust and soak into the ground to hopefully help get the humidity up.  A few more anglers are taking out Cicada dry flies now.  A few are struggling catching fish during the day but are still having reasonable success on the evening rise.  Might pay to have a go on the wetline after dark to snag a big brown.

I am seeing lots more Passion Vine Hoppers now.

Anglers are taking out damsels for Lake Otamangakau.  I am wondering …… most anglers use bloodworms up there but do the fish take them as a worm? or possibly a sunken Red Damsel ?

(Below) I received this email this morning thanks to Michael Bakker.  Michael caught this 55cm rainbow flyfishing in Pukawa Bay last week. This is seeming to be the norm of the pictures of rainbow trout I am seeing at the moment.


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