Fishing Reports

Tuesday 1st December 2020


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today with the wind SCREAMING through town …. I guess if you wanted to fly fish today you must be desperate !!  The Tongariro is flowing at 31.5 cumecs and is a fishable level.

The wind is forecast to ease later this afternoon and may become a bearable Zephyr for the fly caster …… could be “yeah right” too.

I would have to call this a crap Spring weather wise …. if it hasn’t been blowing a gale then it has been raining.  Still the keen and brave have been getting out and doing it which is good to see.  Picking the right time and conditions has still provided a good bit of success for the angler.

I spotted a brown beetle on my deck yesterday …. same size and shape as the green beetle but just brown.  The other day when the sun did come out and the temperature got up I heard a couple of the smaller cicadas chirping …. nothing since as the temperature has plummeted.  The ground has been soaked for weeks so this should be nice and moist for the cicadas.  Just need the sun to come out and stay out for a while to get them to hatch.

This wind has been making it a little bit difficult for the boating anglers to head out on Lake Taupo, however those that have gone out have generally reported success.  Still hearing more from the Trollers and Harlers rather than the jiggers.  These windy conditions will favour the trolling and harling.  Trolling has been pinks and greens. Harling, big Parsons Glory yellow body and Grey Ghosts and the Jigging try a Lime bodied Grey Ghost.

Don’t forget that if you can’t make it to the shop here in Turangi we can still send out things to you …. also we are SLOWLY getting our online store up and running. So if you need some supplies either contact us by phone (07) 386 8996, email or head to the Sporting Life Turangi Online Shop .

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