Fishing Reports

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Clouds and sun

Winds have just picked up in Turangi. Its just gone 12:30.

I was on the river this morning with 2 beginners and things were a bit tough for them. Lots of opportunities but just missing the conversions.

We were back on the Nymph again after spending most of the last couple of weeks swinging streamers. I have had good success with the flies. Check out their website by clicking on the red link in this post. We can ship them to you if you want any and have a big range in stock. They have been deadly for me and I have found the faceted Tungsten Beads on them to be super consistent in weight and quality. Get some in your fly box.

This week I will get some time on the Big Lake and will be on Lake Otamangakau on the weekend and will report back how that is going. There has been some quality fish coming out of both lakes but for now it has stayed sporadic with some days being brilliant and others being slow.

The Cicada sound on the Lower Tongariro was amazing yesterday so start to load your fly box with those patterns. Again we can ship these too you so just get in touch and I will make that happen.

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi