Fishing Reports

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly sunny

She has started a bit overcast and drizzly this morning in Turangi. Myself and the lads all slept through our morning alarms so we didn’t make the Turangi Bakery & Cafe till about 5:45am. It proved to not be such a bad thing as with the slight cold snap that came through last night, the early morning Cicada munchers that were on from the get go yesterday were coming to the surface a bit later and it wasn’t till about 7:15am when I had my first fish on. 

It’s good to be back home, the lads are with me for the week with a big project underway. It was an awesome time in Australia and now I’ve got a week on the water at home before the trip to Aitutaki to chase Giant Trrevally.

Connor Andrew got into town for the first time in a while last night and it’s good to be fishing with him again, always a good time.

Connor and the lads have continued upstream while i made the journey into work.

Below is a short clip from some of the work we have been doing lately through Australia and New Zealand. In this clip the Hurricane Michael Hurren gets smoked locally after a beautiful presentation of a big Peter Carty Cicada. Launching itself into the trees and leaving the Hurricane momentarily lost for words.


Cicadas are the go right now, big and black has been my weapon of Choice with the Manic Tackle Project Swishers Foam Black PMX, the Category 3 Fly Company Black Woomfah and Peter Carty Custom Specials all getting results. Go Big.

Myself and Peter are in the shop today so pop in and say g’day and get yourself geared up.See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Andrew Burden

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