Fishing Reports

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Highly Fishable

Well its finally happened. The Tongariro has had a substantial increase in flow over night hitting 80 cumecs on the flow chart.It has dropped back to 26 cumecs as in write this. As you can see in the video it is nice and brown, stirring up the gunk that had formed on the rocks and hopefully clearing it all away.I’m pumped to see what happens in the next few days as it has been a while since there has been any change to the flow, it may get fish moving and we have also had a significant drop to the temperature in the mornings with today being the first day in a while that I have thrown the hoodie on. I’m on the start of a 7 day stretch for work so it’s up to you guys to get out and make the most of what I think the goods are to come.


See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Andrew Burden