Fishing Reports

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today…. Global Warming was not present this morning as we had a very white and frosty start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am which is a bonus for the fly caster. The Tongariro is low and clear and flowing at about 22.1 cumecs and these conditions indicate that the river is highly fishable today.

A reminder that Lake Otamangakau has closed for the season and will re-open 1st October 2021.

Lake Kuratau remains open until 30th June 2021 and will re-open 1 October 2021

Lake Rotoaira remains open until 30th June 2021 and will re-open 1 September 2021

Also a reminder that New Season Taupo Fishing Licences are due to begin on 1 July 2021 so your current one remains in use until the end of this month. 

I had a report from a boat angler yesterday who purchased a Trolling Leadline Set off us the other day …. he said it has been working well out in Lake Taupo with 6 fish snagged on it so far and that they are liking the Pink Lightening Flash Toby.  So, for those of you heading this way with a boat for Queen’s Birthday weekend you may want to try one of those lures amongst the many others that also catch fish 😉

(Below) I had local angler Bryan call into the shop this morning to see if I wanted to take some photos for the website.  He landed a stunning rainbow trout fishing one of the river mouths that enters into Lake Taupo last night. He and I both said we haven’t seen a rainbow like this come out of Taupo for quite some time.  Anglers over the last few weeks have been reporting some really good conditioned fish though. He said the river mouth fishing has been quite good for him just recently.

(Below) He weighed this fish on digital scales and it came out at 9.5lbs.

(Below) Check out how fat this this is !



Redington TILT Euro Nymph Reel

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