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Monday 2nd November 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with a cool chilly wind to start the day here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable flowing at 28 cumecs.

Still some good sized late spawning fish being reported hooked ……. and lost by anglers in the Tongariro.  I have seen the odd Green Back brown lurking around in the river at present as well.  This is a great time of the year to fish as the pressure comes off the river and you basically can have most places to yourself.   You can pretty much do any fishing method that takes your fancy.

Dry/dropper fishing is well worth it ( if you have never done this type of fishing before it is exactly the same as nymphing but without the heavy weight and you can pretty much fish without hitting the bottom and getting snagged – you realize how great you can cast by taking the big bombs off ).  The fish will lift to take the dry or the nymph.  I was on the river one day and watched a fish lift off the bottom, rise to the surface in about 12 foot of water, grab something microscopic and descend back to the exact same spot all in about 4 seconds !!! My suggestion is to use a dry fly that you can see pretty easy.  You can use a dry fly that actually represents the particular insect that is hatching ( ie Match the Hatch), or a stimulator type of dry fly which basically Stimulates the fish to look at it.  Some good sized Mayflies have been reported hatching.

Typical Match the Hatch dries to look at are the Parachute Adams, Adams Moosetail, Adams, Kahaki Queen, Blue Dun, Twighlight Beauty, Black Gnat etc. The ones with colorful parachute posts are the ones that are usually much easier to see.  I prefer Parachute dries as they tend to ride and sit better on the surface, plus you can tell your fly apart from the real insects.  The ones that look like a real insect can get lost in a “Flotilla” of insects. The ones with a white Parachute Posts can sometimes be a pain in the butt when you fire them over the far side of the river.  On many occasions I have watched the “White ” post drifting …. and then have thought to myself ” Boy am I getting a good drift ”  only to see the White Post continue drifting and heading downriver… the White Post tended to be a bit of white foam 😉  I prefer orange or yellow or hi viz pink posts.

Typical Stimulator types are things like Kaufmanns Stimulator, Things like a Royal Wulff ( generally a generic Mayfly type Pattern ) but the bigger ones can be really good as a Stimulator.  For anglers unaware of, or new to what a Stimulator is, I give them the following analogy “When you were younger and watched Baywatch and in the opening credits, you saw Pamela Anderson running along the beach in a bright orange swimsuit, I said “what did your eyes focus on? ” …..   one angler said to me “The Waves?”  … 99.9 % of anglers are aware of what I say and their eyes were automatically stimulated to focus on certain things that were bouncing up and down ….. now, this is the purpose of the Stimulator fly …. to focus the trout’s eyes on the prize 😉

Dry Fly Patterns Tongariro River




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