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Sunday 3rd February 2019

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Sunday the 3rd of February 2019

What a morning it is here in Turangi after one heck of a night on the Tongariro swinging flies with the boys. Myself, James Norney, Michael Hurren and Connor Andrew ht the water just before dark and the madness got under way.

Connor yelled out from downstream, “I’m on and its good” the lads all run down to see what was on the end of the line. Connor using his Trout Spey Gear which is a Redington Hydrogen 11 foot 6 inch 2 handed rod with a RIO PRODUCTS Skagit Max Short Head and T8 MOW Tio (Sink Tip) was on with a gnarly big streamer fly that was tied for him by Jason Cochrane. HE swung it into the soft water on the edge of a bank and then with a couple of retrieve strips, WHACK, he was on.

Connor and his first Brown for the evening

Next up it was the Hurricane Michael Hurren‘s turn. He had gone back upstream while we swung below and as we were walking back up we spotted a figure in the river using our Ledlenser Head Torches, Michael had forgotten his so he was just a creepy silhouette in the dark as we got closer then we hear. “I’m into one and shes heavy” The Hurricane had a more traditional setup using a Sage Fly Fishing 9 foot, 6 weight Mod which is my favourite rod in the Sage Lineup and an Intermediate Sink Line with a Black Woolly Bugger.

Hurricane and his first brown on the swing

As the fish went to the net I heard the cries of joy of the lads pumped to see this beautiful big brown up close. The dark footage doesn’t do the fish justice. Cracking night. 

About 5 minutes later as the Hurricane was releasing his fish Connor who had jumped in for one more cast before we left bellowed out “Holy Shit, I’m on again and he had swung into another beautiful Tongariro Brown. Netted and released and we headed for a home and a well deserved relax after a massive effort by the crew all day.

Connor and number 2

I’ll be in the shop for most of the day before we head up to Lake Otamangakau later in the afternoon to give the shop pontoon boats a run. You can rent the pontoon boats from us if you are interested in trying out Lake O. It is a magical place to fish.

Cicada by day and Streamers by night. It’s a good time to be on the Central Plateau and fishing the Tongariro River.If you haven’t yet make sure you pop into the shop and get yourself geared up.

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Andrew Burden

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