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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. A very light cool breeze as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

The weather has certainly been cooler this Summer.  We have had a few hot days but I would say it feels like Autumn already. February is normally a good stable weather month, however we can still get a lot of rain towards the end of February ( the big flood of 2004 was on the 28th Feb and the big flood of 1958 was also at the end of Feb).  Cyclones are brewing to the north of NZ and from my memory, the cyclone season for us can be mid to late February and into March, even into April.  Most of you will have “forgotten” how many actually make it to NZ. If they still have the sting in their tails then we can end up with a situation like Cylone Bola or Giselle.

The link below makes for some fascinating viewing. It shows the Hotspots for Worldwide cyclone activity over the last 150 years.  You can see us getting pinged by a few here in NZ.  

I suppose the thing to be careful of here is if you are fishing in the back country in a fairly long river system, always take note of the weather in the headwaters of the river you are fishing on, and always have an escape plan of getting out of the river if the water levels start to come up.  There have been quite a few anglers who have been caught out by rising river levels that I know of.

Things have tapered off a we bit now angler wise with most having to head home to get the kids back to school, so if you are retired or as we put it ( old and tired ) and want to avoid the crowds, now is the time to head this way.

I spotted two Passion Vine hoppers drilling into my Lemon tree yesterday.

John our boat expert has been out and about on Lake Taupo and has been trolling at about 25-35 meters of depth and reports a mixture of fish that he is picking up. Some very nice ones caught with some skinnier ones.  He has also been doing harling / trolling and jigging with not one discipline standing out more than the others.  Traditionally harling is done at first and last light but if you are wanting to jig somewhere just putt along with the harling gear out even during the day and you may be surprised at what you may catch.


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