Fishing Reports

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today.  Quite a blustery S / SE wind.  A good dumping of snow on the tops of the Kaimanawa Ranges today ….. for all of you who thought that a few warm days meant we were already in Summer … think again … we have to get through September and October yet ….. Spring snow is still quite common ;-).

Reports of a good hail storm on the upper river yesterday afternoon.  It is quite a deceptive time of the year …. It can be quite warm and can lull you into a sense of ” oh I’ll only go fishing in a lightweight shirt since it is so warm …. ”  an hour or two later you can be caught out in a hailstorm that blasts through in half an hour or so and will chill you down.

5:00pm  The day has gone and I have only just had the chance to sit down at the computer …. spent all day sorting out prizes for the Firemen !!

Only thing of note to report today in terms of fishing …..  had an angler in the shop this afternoon who usually fishes with his mates but this time was told by his mother to bring his Father fishing to see if the Father would enjoy it as the Mother said since he had been retired he has painted the house 8 times and she can’t stand the drop sheets hanging around again ! 😉

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