Fishing Reports

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast and …. CALM start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind which is a bonus for the fly caster.  The Tongariro is basically clear but still looks to have a tinge of colour to the deeper pools.

Well, if you can’t catch a fish at the moment in the Tongariro then there must be something seriously wrong !! The river is full of feeding fish.  The nymphing has been fantastic over the last few days.  Yesterday Neil reported catching fish on the Mayfly Dry fly and dropper.  Now is the time of the year to really get into this. Keep your eyes peeled for hatching Mayflies and rising fish.

(Below) This was the ” Catch O’ the Day ” from yesterday ….. a bit of a spent old jack …..  he was pretty easy to land though ….. came in like a baby …. didn’t put up much of a fight 😉

(Below) With daylight savings kicking in I can now head out for a bit of a flick after work.  I went out again yesterday evening and managed to pick up a few using a method of fishing called czech skagit indicator wet nymph-lining. With daylight savings now in force,  I manage to race home, have a quick feed, get into my waders and eventually get to the river ….. I find that as soon as I get there I encounter some bites pretty quickly but as the evening goes on I notice it has seemed to taper off …  I think I am getting there just a little bit too late.  However, where I was yesterday evening there was a really good Mayfly Hatch and I did see fish rising to them, however they were about 1.5 fly line lengths away from me.  Most of the fish I picked up yesterday took a glo bug !!

I was also going to have a night fish but now that I have got older and joined the V.I.P. club ( Visually Impaired Persons), I am also suffering from another Senior’s affliction  … forgetfulness .. I was out on the river and it was getting darker and I thought I had better get my head torch out …. oops I had forgot it … so … a quick wind up of the lines and a high-tail out of there before it got too dark to see !!

(Above & Below) These are the typical sorts of fish that anglers are reporting catching at present with some really nice fresh ones in amongst them with some anglers reporting some rather large sized rainbow jacks !

(Below) This one took a mayfly nymph.

(Below) I got bored using the nymph and managed to pick this one up rolling a heave and leave glo bug along the bottom on the wetline.

(Below) The river was nice and calm yesterday evening.  These slow pools sometimes have a nice reflection on them.  They also make it easy to spot rising fish.

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