Fishing Reports

Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Highly Fishable

Overcast and grey here in Turangi today. A bit of a SW breeze blowing. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

I went for a look up at Lake Otamangakau the other day to check out the track on the Western side of the lake. It is possible to walk the whole way up but the blackberries are starting to take hold. A bit of a buzz with the weedeater or roundup wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe take a set of secateurs with you to get the ones that have grown across the track.  It might save ripping your waders or wading jacket to shreds. Like I said the other week it is almost like those blackberry vines can grow a foot overnight.

I really didn’t see many fish and the odd two or three were feeding off the surface.  Most others I spoke to said it was a bit slow.  I only spotted 5 fish.  The light was casting a glare off the surface and you couldn’t really see into the water.  I decided to head to the Far Canal and managed to have a bit more “skill” … not luck …. and hooked four.  Three took a Prince Nymph and I got a baby rainbow on  a glo bug.


(Above) I landed this fish and when I went to release it I saw that it had some orange “cuts” under its gill plates a bit like a cutthroat.  The fish I caught up there last week had the same thing and upon reflection thought it was the actual fish I caught last week.  (Below) I got into work this morning and checked the picture I got last week and …… sure enough it is the same fish !  How’s that for luck?

(Below) I caught one of the famed Lake O browns too …. this thing nearly pulled me in !! I though it was a Willow Leaf !

(Below) I also landed this nice rainbow.  It put up a really good fight.  It jumped and flipped and jumped and flipped and was a real good fight.

(Below) Here is one of the few fish I spotted in the Lake itself.  Not an easy place to cast but I pinged a few flies in with a Bow and Arrow cast but it wasn’t interested. Lake Otamangakau is a great sight fishery.  Patience is required and these fish will do a “Feeding Beat” around the weeds … being prepared to change a lot of flies is needed. I also saw quite a few Green Beetle floating on the surface.



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