Fishing Reports

Tuesday 4th February 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  A little bit of high cloud to start the day and I think there may have even been a little bit of rain overnight according to the wet leaves on my plants in the garden. No wind as of 9:00am.  This may increase mid morning.  I think it has been windy every day for the last three or four weeks.  Generally not windy when there is a layer of cloud.

Plenty of sludge on the rocks making the wading slippery …..

I received this email overnight thanks to Jens Muller-Buckland who looks to have been out for the evening rise.  Jens writes:

G’day mate, Pulled in late afternoon, did some unpacking and then thought I came to fish, so i did…….

(Below) I headed out for a flick yesterday and wanted to fish with a Cicada dry fly and a dropper nymph. I had not long started and saw a splash which I thought was a rise so covered the area with the flies and wham … hooked this fish on the dropper.

(Below) This fish rose up and took the cicada which I was quite happy with.  Notice the slime on the rocks now.  We could do with a little bit of rain now.


(Above & Below)  I hooked these two Subway Fish in a short space of time.  I haven’t hooked many of these in the big river over the last couple of months.  Not sure if the 215 cumec flood blew a few out to the Lake or whether they are still in the sidestreams waiting to be flushed out in the next lot of rain.  The interesting thing here is the yellow colour to the fish.  I have noticed the slime on the rocks is a golden yellow colour and I wonder if they are taking this on board for a bit of camouflage.  Anglers quite often say that the fish in the Hinemaiaia River are dark but fishing up there the other day the bottom of the river appears dark and I wonder if the fish quickly take on the colour of their surroundings. In the picture below at the top left you can see some yellowy coloured rocks in the water.

(Below)  I had three fish come up to the Cicada yesterday and only fully hooked up on one so decided to go nymphing.  I changed set up and hooked this fish not long after.  I then hooked and lost another fish.

(Below) I also hooked this fish nymphing.  This one took a Prince Nymph.  Generally I don’t use a Prince Nymph here in the Tongariro but this year I have caught nearly all of the fish on this fly.

(Below) The stash of Prince Nymphs I tied up to keep me going for the next month or two.

(Below) I am sad to say I caught no trophies yesterday but I did manage to snag a few trophy blackberries. I only had a single muesli bar for a snack and was getting pretty hungry. Blackberries are a pain in the arse for the whole year until now when they provide a bit of a delight for the tired and hungry angler.


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