Fishing Reports

Thursday 4th July 2019

Highly Fishable

Well its been fairly grim through the shop for the last week and a bit. The old winter flu hit the staff really hard but looks like we are the recovery straight and things getting n=back to normal with a functioning staff.

It is hammering down with rain right now and looks like it is going to hold through the day and I am expecting a rise to 100 odd cumecs on the Tongariro (just my thoughts), which will get a bit of movement from the rainbows through the river. Things are easing a bit tomorrow with still some rain then the weekend looking like being settled. So start making your plans to be sick from work next week and throw your gearĀ  in the car and get in to Turangi for what could be an outstanding week of fishing.

I hit the rivers over the last couple of days for a smaller than usual sessions with the lungs still burning but we found plenty of fish, browns and rainbows exploring all the waters the Turangi region has to offer. Things were still low and clear prior to this current downfall, so thought process was important when approaching fish. We have been sight fishing to most of the fish caught lately, so when doing so, make sure each presentation counts. Don’t rush things, make sure you are setup and have visualized what you are going to do before you do it.


Central Plateau Chrome from Tuesday

Central Plateau Gold from Yesterday



I am still having success on natural patterns more so than the glo bugs and in the last 2 weeks I don’t think I have had a glo bug on the rig but I hear from other anglers that the glowys are working so make sure you have a variety of flies in your fly box and keep mixing things up. If you are fishing with mates, try and get each angler setup with a bit of variation, you can always change to the same rig after you dial in what is working for the team.

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi



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