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Saturday 4th July 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine but with high thin cloud here in Turangi today.  The bonus is that there is no wind at this stage ( 9:00am ).  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.


Don’t forget you will need new season Taupo Fishing Licences ( as of 1st July ), so head online to purchase your licence at the following address below.  We can still do them here in the store if you prefer.

Ramp Permits for Lake Taupo are also online and can be purchased at the following link:

Also don’t forget the up-coming recreational releases on the Tongariro River..

Kia ora,

Following the cancellation of the April Tongariro recreational releases during the lockdown, replacement releases have been scheduled for mid-July.  Genesis will be releasing water into the Tongariro River on:

  • Saturday 11th July from Poutu Intake
  • Sunday 12th July from Rangipo Dam

These releases will be the second of three recreational release weekends this year.  The remaining release on the Tongariro is scheduled for 12th and 13th September.

(Below) I had local angler Graham Hamilton call into the shop just after I got back from lunch and he said to come out and check out what he had just caught for the morning. There are some superb looking fish here.  The bottom one he caught trolling on the way back to the boat ramp.  These sorts of fish will be gearing themselves up ready to run the rivers, so watch this space for the next lot of rain. Anglers are commenting on how great the condition of the fish are this year ….. kind of almost back to ” The Good Old Days “



(Above & Below) These photos are thanks to ” Rue del la – James ” . He called into the shop to have a chat after I loaded the picture of Graham’s above and I said if he gets any pictures of fish he catches this afternoon then please send them in. He had only been gone about an hour and these turned up !  Some anglers have reported that the fishing was a little tougher today “not like it has been over the last few weeks …… ” but in saying that I would say that we will be back into the 10% of anglers will be catching and will always catch while the other 90% are going though the motions. The trouble with most anglers at the moment is there are too many anglers.

James writes:

Sure is busy out there but I still managed to fish with pools all to myself with even walking far

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