Fishing Reports

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Highly Fishable
A shower

We have a had a splash of rain overnight and a couple of light showers today but not enough to put any rise in the rivers, more is predicted for tomorrow . The Rainbow Trout are still pulsing up the river with more to come, this bit of wet weather could just be what we need to keep things tickling along. Seems the wetliners are having some great success at the moment however one chap in the shop this morning had a stella day nymphing yesterday. I went for a quick fish yesterday afternoon and managed one to the bank, the globug did the trick. The globugs have been the most popular choice with caddis being a good alternative. The Hinemaiaia has fish well the last few days but the Tauranga Taupo has been seeing plenty of attention. A guy and his two young fellas had a day rafting the Upper Tongariro and said it was the most amount of Trout they had ever seen, as Jared always says they don’t catch them all at the troll hole. Thankfuly they have between midnight and five am to sneak through. Jared mentioned seeing some mayfly hatch last week, it is only a few more weeks before we start to see more consistant dry fly activity.

Another report from the boaties this morning is pink/orange or traffic light are the go to colours at the moment. Some great fish have hit the bin with nice fat fillets.

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