Fishing Reports

Friday 4th December 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the morning here in Turangi today.  As of 9:00am the day is CALM …… however going by the last few weeks, the wind MAY get up and increase mid morning.  The wind picked up yesterday and was quite gusty.  It blew right through until dark yesterday evening.

We are getting more boating anglers in the shop at present.  Most tend to be trolling and recently pink seems to be a good colour.  A few have had to lay up for a day or two to wait until the conditions have been right to be able to get out.  It has been very unsettled weather over the last few weeks.  Fingers crossed this will get to settle a bit, however I have experienced Summers in Turangi where it has blown and been windy for most of the Summer.

The odd reports of Cicadas have filtered through ….. we can sometimes get a good bit of humidity around Christmas which may bring them on but the weather can still be quite fickle here in Turangi with some really warm humid days and then the complete flick around to cool temperatures which will shut the cicadas down again. Usually about mid to late January they can get going with, in my opinion February is the best month ( sometimes only a two week window you may get ).  If you are lucky you will catch fish on cicadas through most of March and one year I had them lift up into the 1st week of April here on the Tongariro.

A few more river anglers ventured out yesterday with the slightly calmer day.

A group of North Shore anglers have turned up to fish Lake Otamangakau.  Few reports have filtered through from up there …. I think a lot of anglers have headed up to there early season and frozen and been blown off and gone … “bugger it … we’ll come back February so we can get sunburnt instead ! ”




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