Fishing Reports

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Highly Fishable

🐟 Good afternoon from turangi 🐟

Yesterday saw an increase in cicada patterns going out the door with happy customers reporting a good number of trout rising and eating cicadas! So that’s what we have been anticipating, and we hope it only improves as the summer continues. It’s currently 28°C outside, mainly sunny with some clouds present and a slight breeze. The roads are very busy so please take your time en route to Turangi and beyond, the trout wont be going anywhere 😀

Father & daughter due who were recently guided by Tim McCarthy, with a well conditioned rainbow trout

On this day, Tim set up and indicator rig to fish the deeper pools using a black beaded hare & copper and a small claret nymph and in the evening/night used wee wets during the hatch.

Neil is out and about today and doing well using dry dropper

With no shortage of hot weather, insects, and trout it’s bound to be one heck of a time on the river! Once again terrestrials are on the menu for trout, but expect to see the small lace moth make an appearance soon as Neil has some lace moth babies living amongst the corn rows!

Large Terrestrials on the menu for rainbow trout

Sporting Life Turangi has cicadas and other terrestrial flies in stock,
a famous and popular pattern we have in our collection is by Category 3: Woomfah Black.


Category 3: Woomfah Black





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