Fishing Reports

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  A nice 14 degrees celcius to great the curtain openers this morning.  A nice relief from living in a sweat box for the last two weeks.  We got up to 32.5 degrees celcius in the shade the other day.  We did get some rain overnight according to the BBQ cover.  This will dampen the dust and possibly cause a few green shoots to appear in amongst the dried off brown grass.  The wind is gusty and blowing again as of 9:00am.

There are a TON of Passion Vine Hoppers around at the moment and an angler was in the shop yesterday saying he saw a fish just gorging on them.  Plenty more cicadas are now chirping, especially down by the river …. a few more appearing in town now too.   Looks like it could be a short and sharp one this year for the cicadas ( what I would call a NORMAL year ).   If you aren’t Johnny on the Spot then you could well have to wait until next year for another crack.

Plenty of big browns spotted in the river.

Don’t forget the recreational release in the river on the 8th Feb.  Bring your wetline and some black wetflies to target the bigger browns for when the river gets a bit of colour to it.  This will be your chance at getting some easy fish.

Don’t forget the Recreational Release on the Tongariro for the following dates:


SATURDAY 8th February 2020  – starting 9:00am for 6 hours ( this will affect the river from Poutu intake into Turangi Township ) 

SUNDAY 9th February 2020 – starting 8:00am for 8 hours ( this will effect the section between Rangipo Dam and Poutu Intake ) 

(Below) Neil was out and about at the Tokaanu Tailrace early this morning to take these pictures.  He said the pictures can be deceiving …. it was blowing HARD !!





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