Fishing Reports

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly sunny

Stunning again in Turangi. Another cool morning that is warming up to be a beauty.

I hit the water last night to throw some Woolly Buggers with the Spey Rod to make sure I was up to Speed for Thursday’s event in the shop with Simon Gawesworth from RIO PRODUCTS. Simon has just been in the South Island for the Spey Clave at Kurow and will be here for a couple of days to run this course and to do some fishing himself. We will meet in the shop at 9:30am on Thursday then head to the Breakfast Pool for some on water demonstrations at 10am and you can see the master at work, pick his brains and get your hands on some Sage and Redington gear to have a play. So see you there.

I got sent a pic of the fish of my trip to the Island’s last night from the team at Bonefish E2’s Way. It was an epic battle with this Trigger Fish that we sight fished to just inside the Reef. It still haunts my dreams at night and am amping to get back and chase more, and spend some time with a good crew of people on the saltwater fly buzz and drinking Rum at the round table. It is not the best of photos as myself and Jason who were on the boat together that day both forgot to bring cameras but luckily guide Rua had the GoPro on board and got some footage but the camera was covered in water so a bit distorted.

It was a super memorable fish for me as it was all action stations once the strike was made, the reel was just humming and Jason yelled “lock that fu@#king drag down, turn it too sunset full sunset, give it the jandal” I locked the drag down on the Redington Grande Reel to full noise and it worked perfectly slowing her down as she tried to peel back into the nasties in the reef and bust me on the coral, I was on full lean with the Redington Predator 9ft, 9 weight absolutely cranking with bend, if the leader had of broke I would have gone flying out of the boat into the ocean (and still been happy), but she held. I turned to our guide Rua and said “what shall i do here?” Rua looked back up at me and in standard guide voice said “Don’t know, no one has ever landed in Aitutaki” . I kept the noise on , trying to not give an inch in ground, In my head all I could think was “Holy Shit, This is awesome” and “Holy Shit I hope this leader holds” there was some serious power in this and my whole 100kg frame was leaning into it, I thought surely something has to give. After several run escape attempts there finally seemed to be some give and I was able to get a wind on and steer her towards the starboard bow of the boat. Rua jumped into the water with the net and I guided her in and he scooped her up. It was absolute elation with high 5’s all around as you do in these situations. Jason popped the hook from the toothy mouth and we all stared at this beautiful big fish, me still shaking with mostly shock and adrenaline, the lads looking stoked for me with what had just unfolded, and old Trigger fish gave us a toothy grin as we let her go back to the beautiful waters of the Aitutaki Lagoon. Outstanding. It is a fish you have to have on your species list on the fly and just see how remarkable they are up close.

Aitutaki Trigger Fish


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