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Saturday 5th October 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

What a cracker day it was yesterday … sunshine for a change !!! I went out for a quick stroll along the river yesterday afternoon and saw a TON of mayflies hatching.  They looked like Blue Duns … there were rafts of 8-10 coming past on a fairly regular basis, however …. the fish weren’t really looking at them.  One fish might have risen every 20 mins or so and if you were not aware of what to look for you would have missed it. Fishing a dry / dropper in the shallow water would be the go at the moment.  Try a parachute Adams and a small Pheasant Tail or Hare and Copper.  Also for the wetliners try fishing a Wee Wet behind your woolly bugger.

I saw some good sized fish in the river yesterday …. some rather large looking rainbows.   A few more darker fish are showing up now ( to be expected ), however we should still get some good runs of fresh fish this month.  A few years ago big fat silver fresh run hens would rise to take a Mayfly Dry.   Hopefully the same will happen this year.

The river has quietened down now in terms of pressure as anglers seek to fish their local rivers now that the Fish and Game Season has kicked off as of 1st October, however for me, I personally like to stay fishing the Tongariro as you can get such a wide variety of fishing in at this time of the year.  Fresh fish, feeding fish, on the dry on the nymph on the wet …. to many choices and too little time.

Also don’t forget that the smaller lakes ( Lake Otamangakau, Kuratau and Rotoaira ) are open and this give you plenty more options.  Also remember that these lakes can also be spin fished, so if it is too windy to fly fish then take a spining rod as a back-up. Also a great place to take the kids with the spinning rods. Just remember that you need a Rotoaira Fishing Permit on top of and extra to the Taupo Fishery Licence.

Now that we are into daylight savings then it is possible to get out for a fish after work !!  Neil reported a little quiet for the evening rise last night, however just keep going and keep your eyes peeled for rising fish. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the fish to lock onto feeding on the dry.

Also for the boaties …. something new.  Tasmanian Devil lures are putting out a 40th Anniversay set of Kiwi Themed Lures ….. one each month for the next few months.  The first one out of the mould is the Jelly Tip lure! The fish may like chocolate and just remember this is a lure the fish haven’t seen before and may go for it like a gaggle of school kids descending on a Dairy after school on a hot Summer’s day …… also with each lure purchased you can go in the draw to win $2000.  Entry forms are in the packets of each lure !

Tasmanian Devil Limited Edition Lure – 01 Jelly Tip

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