Fishing Reports

Saturday 6th February 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today with bit of early morning cloud.  No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

We have been having mixed reports from anglers fishing cicadas.  Some are getting the odd few and others are getting more.

There are plenty of fish in Tongariro at present.  Some nice looking rainbows and quite a few good sized browns.  I had all my chores done at the house so decided to head out for a fish last night after work.  I really like the night wetlining at this time of the year.

There were the odd fish rising and I saw the odd Mayfly hatch but over the years can’t be bothered fluffing around with this.  So I just waited until it got a bit darker before launching the wetline.  The first fish I got was Samuel ( Sammy) Sardine.  These little fellas are good fighters.  They probably fight harder than some of the bigger browns I have caught.

(Above) Sammy the Sardine.

(Below) I then got quite a nice silver rainbow that also put up a good fight.

(Below) I fished for a while longer and caught nothing.  I thought this was a bit strange but then when it was really dark I got my first brown trout.  I really love the colour of this one.  Look how Gold it is. I wonder how much per Oz I could get for this one 😉  No wonder we were called “Anlger’s El Dorado” here in NZ.

(Below) Just prior to releasing.

(Below) Not long after I landed this brown as well. Quite long but a bit narrow.

(Below) The same brown as the picture above.

(Below) Releasing the brown above.  Check it out against my leg !!


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