Fishing Reports

Saturday 6th April 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

It started out quite a stiff breeze here in Turangi this morning but has dropped back a little this afternoon. It was good to see this didn’t deter anglers from getting out there to give it a go. Anglers in the shop this morning reported some very nice silver Rainbows from the lower river, these would be fish starting to trickle in after the river rise last week. A mixed bag of both recovering and juvenile fish reported all along the river at present as well, these are prone to eat your flys before the fresher ones, any fish landed is still better than not landing anything at all. The better rainbows seem to be hitting woolly buggers during the day and we are still hearing of some solid Browns hitting black flys of an evening.

Not getting many reports of how the lake is fishing but seems the fish that were congregating off the delta have thinned out after the rains last week. Keeping an eye on weather systems as the season progresses might give clues to when the best times might be to target these lake fish.

I had a play in the middle reaches of the Tongariro on Friday and found mostly recovering fish with which were eager to hit a globug but pheasant tails and caddis accounted for a couple as well.