Fishing Reports

Wednesday 6th October

Highly Fishable

Another grey start to the day here on the Tongariro river. We have had very intermittent showers but no consistent rain so the river has continued to slowly drop and is just under 29 cumec at the time of writing. The evening mayfly hatch is definitely starting to ramp up with lots of them hatching off just before dark. The fish weren’t rising consistently however, though I’m sure it wont be long until they start keying in and the action heats up! A mixed bag of reports from anglers in the shop yesterday, with some anglers having a good day catching plenty of fresh fish. With the amount of mayflies hatching out a size 12 mayfly nymph (pheasant tails, dark hare and coppers such as the Category 3 pattern etc.) should see you getting into fish.

Andrew and I headed out after work again yesterday evening with the two handers to see if we could rustle a couple up, it was a beautiful evening with a few good grabs so it was definitely worth the effort. The Rio Skagit Max Short 300gr has been invaluable for me over the last couple of months on my 4 weight trout spey set up, and I’m looking forward to playing around with a floating tip instead of a sink tip and trying to get a few fish on the small wets and swung dry flies as the weather warms up!

One of our regular customers lost a brand new Sage Spectrum LT reel (lime colour) on the banks of the Whakapapa river around the Kakahi carpark over the weekend too so if anyone has found one please get in touch!


Skagit Max Short

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