Fishing Reports

Friday 6th November 2020


Overcast but not raining to start the day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at 37 cumecs. reports from the Boss – Tauranga-Taupo, Hinemaiaia and Waitahanui are fishable.

Boy did we get some good soaking rain from about mid day yesterday and overnight.  The ground had puddles everywhere.  This has raised the volume of the Tongariro slightly but it is still very fishable.  I’m think that when the sun comes out the humidity is going to be a shocker !

Ended up being quite busy in the shop yesterday yet again …. one day I will get out for a fish …. maybe when Neil gets to work 😉

Plenty of anglers seem to be heading out fishing on Lake Taupo….  most reports through the shop indicate / favour trolling.  Reports from jigging have tended to be a little on the quiet side.

Troller’s have done quite well on oranges, blacks, greens and golds.

1:15pm.  I’ve just been down to the river to check it out.  It has come up to 45 cumecs and dropping …. some colour to it at present but if I wasn’t fishing I would call it really fishable with a wetline and really fishable in the edges with a nymph. How come I get to work on days like this ??

I didn’t see any anglers out and about taking advantage of what I would call perfect conditions.

(Above) Looking upstream to the head of the Major Jones Pool and beyond,  the Breakfast Pool and beyond that the Major Jones Swing Bridge at 1:00pm today.  The river has come up since this morning to about 45 cumecs here.  I would call this highly fishable and it would still be worth fishing. It is dropping again though.

(Below) Just a nice bit of an olive colour to the water.  Ideal for both the wetline and nymph.

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Major Jones Pool at 1:00pm today.  The wind has picked up and some blue sky has appeared. The lawns are growing as fast as you look at them at the moment …. only trouble is you can’t mow them as there hasn’t been a day dry enough to do so !  The first dry day I’ll have to do them and this will take time away from being able to go for a fish !!


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