Fishing Reports

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  As of 9:00am the wind is still blustery from the SW but is supposed to ease later in the day…. thank God !!!

This weather has made fly fishing difficult but not impossible. Those that have perservered have still done ok given the cicumstances.   Some good sized browns caught on the evening rise in the Tongariro River have been reported and a couple of anglers had fish rise up to the dry fly during the day yesterday.  It is still worth flicking a stimulator / dropper pattern in the shallower areas during the day. Last week the cicadas were chirping fairly well. If not, dredging the deeper pools with a nymph will definitely be worth a go …. so long as you can handle very long leaders and a good deal of weight to cast.

The boaties out on Lake Taupo have generally been very happy with their fish catching …. when they can get out and it hasn’t been too windy.  Jigging has been the more popular method for those calling through the shop with some nice conditioned silver fish caught.  Fish have been reported caught at varying depths from 10m through to about 50m.  More anglers will want to head out once the wind abates in the next day or three.

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