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Thursday 7th February 2019

Highly Fishable

High overcast here at the moment and a little cooler than it has been. Not enough to shut the Cicadas up.

Same old same old. Cicadas are doing the damage out there. Waiting to catch up with Andrew to hear how the raft trip went yesterday. I’m picking it would have been pretty good.

Jared and I are on deck again.

Tight Lines.




Morning all.

Well it’s been a heck of a week with the team over from Australia. We have tried to cover everything the Central Plateau has to offer Fly Fishing wise and we have caught fish everywhere. We have Day Fished, Night Fished, Lake Fished, River Fished, Raft Fished, we have taken the Pontoon Boats out and I came back covered in leeches and smiles. We have swung big meaty Flies and sent big Cicada Dries in to the Tongariro and it has been awesome and I will be sad to see the boys head back to Aussie today. We have had small little rainbows through to Big Brown Trout. There has been 1 million mosquito bites, Thousands of cuts and scratches, there has been slips and spills on the river and lots of drowned gear in waterproof packs that decided to take a day off from being waterproof.

The following clip is of James losing a beautiful rainbow on Lake Otamangakau from a couple of days ago. We had some beautiful fish to the net along with a nice 8lb brown cruising the shallows who fell prey to Connors small nymph below a dry. The pontoon boats were outstanding. It took me about half an hour to get comfortable with my rowing but after that it was one heck of a day and I recommend yo give it a go. We have the boats for hire from the shop at $35.00NZD per day and they come with anchors if you get tired of drifting. 🙂

He made up for it not long after though with this beauty taking a stripped damsel fly on and intermediate sink line around the weeds as we anchored just by a hole between 2 weed beds.

James and the Giant Bow

It was a lower Tongariro mission the next morning being dropped of at the River mouth to fish the Delta before hiking up the Tongariro into what would be some hard slog. A few spills and some floating away in water that got just a bit too deep but the fishing was beautiful with dry fly Cicada rises and drop off fish all getting in on the action. The following photos are from the Drop off of a beautiful Rainbow the the Hurricane, Michael Hurren had take a Grey Ghost fly being stripped back up the drop off on a fast sinking line and the next is a beautiful brown that took the dropper up river. Good times.

Drop off Rainbow

Tongariro River Summer Browns

We finished the 2 week Journey between Australia and New Zealand off yesterday with a session fly fishing the upper Tongariro with the team from Tongariro River Rafting and Guide Tau. It is a beautiful trip and Tau our guide and local legend is a weapon with the fly rod as well as stronger than water on the oars. Tau fished with us for the day and slayed it on Cicadas. This is a trip you need to talk with us or the TRR team about doing. Buckets of fun and spectacular scenery.

Tau Thompson from Tongariro River Rafting making the fish look small

James Norney takes the oars and we all laugh nervously


There is rolls and rolls of footage from the last couple of weeks and will go through it all in the next few weeks but thank you to everyone who was a part of what we did. I’ts been epic. I leave for Aitutaki tonight to chase some salt water monsters. I will be out of coverage so I’ll see you when I get back.

Remember if you want to join me for any of these trips flick me an email to and we will get everything organised for you.


See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi.


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