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Friday 7th August 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi this morning. A good bit of heavy rain before the day broke. No wind as of 8:45am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable. The rain that we got during the night has caused the river to SHOOT UP in level by the grand total of 2 cumecs.  This is about the equivalent of putting a teaspoon of water into an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool.  So not a lot at this stage.

A little bit of reading for you in the letter below from Genesis.  A reminder that when a river floods ….. it floods.




(Above) Graham Hamilton was out and about on Lake Taupo earlier in the week and picked up a few more rainbows that look like they could be ready to run.  Seemed like a few hens this time.  I’ve caught quite a few jacks over the last few times out on the river but in amongst them have been some really fat hens.


In the last few weeks I managed to join a VERY EXCLUSIVE CLUB …  ( I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been flying ), however this club has a very large membership and it is free to join. I call this the V.I.P. Club which is abbreviated for Visually Impaired Persons Club.  Yup … I’ve reached that age !! I emailed my Japanese mate Hide the other day to wish him a happy birthday and he replied with the following….. I know how he feels:

Dear Jared

Thank you very much. I’m getting older. Walking in the river is getting harder and harder. But motivation is still young. Hide

(Below) Would you trust a person that looks like this ?? This Doodad is a very handy gadget.  It is called a Flip and Focus.  It is great as you can use your normal sunnies and it tucks up on the inside of the peak of your cap. I was wondering how your fly would see you when you were trying to tie it onto a piece of nylon.

(Below) The not so scary view.  They pin on to the hat so are quite stable. The only thing is you have to remember to flick them down to use them 🙂


(Below) While I was out and about on Tuesday, I had just landed two fish and next thing I looked up and to my horror …. I saw two rafts making their way down to the top of the pool ! It was Jesse and Co from Rafting NZ, however my experience has proved not to worry as sometimes I think the fish get stirred up after a raft goes through and so I thought I would just sit down for a while and let the pool settle.  I hooked another 12 after it had gone through so I guess it wasn’t too bad 😉 .  I saw the rafts floating past and thought ….  “Geeze I wish my indicator would float as good as those rafts !”


(Below) This is a short video clip of one of the fish I released.  It is interesting what you see underwater.  Even though the water appears gin clear from the surface, once the camera is under water it appears very smoky and hazy.  The fish shoots off at light speed doesn’t it !


(Below) So this got me to thinking.  What does it really look like under water.  99.75% of anglers will only ever see it from above ….. the remaining ones will be like me and put a camera under water and the ones that don’t do that will don a snorkel and goggles and check it out with their own eyes.

For this short clip I put the camera right up against where water would fall at the top of a pocket.  Notice the fact that all you can see are bubbles and you wonder how the hell a fish can see your fly in amongst all of that !

(Below) The next video clip is at the top of a pool and I am on the edge of the fast water.  Notice how underneath that really fast water there are places a fish can sit quite comfortably.  Also notice how Smokey the water is.



Entries have still been rolling in for the Golden Tickets.

Don’t forget my Golden Ticket opportunity.  See below:

The last four weeks got me to thinking ….. It is about time I shared some of my secrets to those who are interested to know, so I have come up with something along the lines of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ….. I am going to offer ” Two Golden Tickets ” where I am going to offer a full day of fishing to two anglers.  Only one angler per day. I will take you through:

Setting up your rod, Knots, Casting, Reading the water, Mending and Drifting your flies, and generally anything else we can squeeze into the day.

So if you are interested all you have to do is write me a blurb on the right reasons why I should take you out for the day and show you some of the things I know. Email me this blurb to and in the subject title put “Jared’s Golden Ticket” …. any other words appear in the subject title and it will be an automatic fail.

If you only want to catch LOTS of fish or only catch BIG fish … then you probably wont get a look in. We’ll have to head out on my days off and a time that suits you. You will need to have a Taupo Licence and your own waders and raincoat.

I will gather the blurbs over the next week or so, mull them over, select two Golden Ticket Winners and then we will get down to arranging the time to head out.

You may possibly get closer to the Golden Ticket if you can put in your blurb what the meanings and context of the following are as these may help in your future fishing endeavours.  If you have already submitted a blurb you may add this as an addendum to your original:

What is the “Secret Ingredient to the Secret Ingredient Soup”

What is the ultimate secret and meaning contained within the ” Dragon Scroll ”


Lost – x1 Sage Trout Spey HD #4 11’3″ rod and Trout Spey Reel  — if you find this contact us here at Sporting Life (07) 386 8996 or email . There is a $200 reward for anyone who finds it and hands it in.

Found – x1 Fly box from the Hinemaiaia — if this is yours contact us here at Sporting Life (07) 386 8996 or email

Found – x1 Two piece rod tip …. if this is yours contact us here at Sporting Life (07) 386 8996 or email

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