Fishing Reports

Tuesday 7th September 2021

Highly Fishable

The shop will be closed this afternoon at 4.30pm due to a power disruption but will be back into full swing at 8.30am in the morning. Online sales can still be made but processing will be done Wednesday.

The Sporting Life Team would like to give a huge shout out to the customers who have helped support us through the recent lock down, it is very appreciated. From midnight we move to L2 which will allow a bit more movement and I’m sure we will see a lot of anglers make their way here to get some of the action we have been fortunate to have. The weather is looking a bit damp and windy but the fish don’t seem to mind it. Please travel with care if heading our way and be mindful of Covid requirements in store, scan or sign in before entering, please take advantage of the hand sanitizer, keep to the two metre distance rule, face masks are to be worn. We’ve a way to go yet but I’m confident that we can get beyond this thing if we all do our bit.

*** There has been a black fly box handed in that was found on the Tongariro Monday *** Claimed

There was a few showers tinkling on the roof last night that will have helped flush away the pollen that has settled on any flat surface lately. It is still overcast now with the threat of more rain to come, no idea at this stage how it will impact the rivers but anything at the moment will certainly get those Rainbows moving again, it looked in great shape this morning being clear and steady on 28 cumec. If Connor’s day on the Tongariro yesterday is anything to go by then they haven’t waited and have already made a move. For the lucky ones who were able to get out lately the fishing has been red hot, the Spey has been getting it done for us but traditional sinking lines and nymphing will all get it done. An olive woolly bugger with orange bead has been killer for me lately and we have plenty of beaded options in these. Eggs have been the standout for the nymphers and will pick number one if we see any colour in the rivers. In the clear conditions today a Hare n Copper or flashback Pheasant Tail would definitely be a winner. We have the Euro nymphers catered for with a good array of flys that will get that reaction eat. Tim Mc has been chained to the vise and has banged out some of his Stinkers that will get down to the fish in a flash, today the Trout Burger woolly bugger is on the tying menu.

Some heavy showers have just hit town at 1.30pm but no change to the river at this stage.

McLean Angling Short Handle Weigh Net


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