Fishing Reports

Monday 7th October 2019

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

Overcast and calm start to the day here in Turangi today.  Has the feel of rain about it but think this will come in later in the day.

Plenty of Tui birds are in the Kowhai Trees at the moment which will give the anglers a bit of a buzz down by the river.  Most anglers are still reporting some great fishing. No one really seems to be struggling at the moment . The nymphing has been great and the wetlining is also fantastic.  A great time of the year to try all techniques.  I’ve been suggesting to anglers to try a dry / dropper combo in the shallower water but most anglers are not prepared to move out of their comfort zone to give something else a go.  If you have this attitude then you will limit your fish catching abilities in the future. Having more than  ” one string to your bow ” will mean you are able to adapt to different conditions and techniques to still remain sucessfull at catching fish while others will struggle.  There are fish in the Tongariro all year round but “YOU”the angler is in charge of your own fish catching abilities ….. no point blaming anyone else 😉

The following email and photos are thanks to Colin Binstead who was here for the last weekend of September. Colin writes:

Hi Jared and Pete, Thanks for your advice over the years. Also Pete your flies were superb when we fished the last weekend in September. I have attached some photos for your information.  We seem to be able to read a trout’s mind now as opposed to when we first started 10+ years ago and had no idea. However those early years of thrashing the waters and looking longingly at others walking beside the river with their caught freshies help focus our minds now. Kind regards, Colin


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