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Thursday 7th October 2021

Highly Fishable

*** Lost a net? one was found on the TT yesterday – contact us if this might be you. 07 3868996 ***

Does anyone remember sunny days? Some sun did pop out briefly on Tuesday afternoon but unfortunately the rain is with us again today, it has had little impact on the Tongariro at this stage. The flow over the last few days has slowly dropped to a shade under 28.6cumec and is very clear. The humidity has been more noticeable with the northerly winds and the grass is really starting to get away now. The birds have been singing up a storm all along the river banks and mobs of Tui are banding together and fighting over the yellow Kowhai flowers. While walking along the river trail I’ve noticed the egg shells that Kereru (native pigeon) have removed from their nests and taken away so that predators might not find the nest. I always enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation that comes with Spring.

We may be coming to the end of the major spawning runs but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some quality fish still showing up in catches lately. Carty has been out on the Tongariro to give his Redington Claymore a swing and landed a couple of crackers, good to see you getting out there mate. Sherrie has been hitting the big Lake and trolling up some real chromers, jigging will start to ramp up again very soon. There were some fat Brown Trout showing up in the Tailrace at this time last year, these guys make an early start well worth the effort.

There are several methods that will give novice and experienced anglers the opportunity to get into the superb fishing we have available to us. One of the easiest and one that I really enjoy through the warmer months is the dryfly or small indicator nymph rig. Varying the dropper length to suit the water you are searching in should find plenty of willing takers. Over the last two days I have run with this on both a 4wt and 6wt and had some good success with #14 Hare n Copper or Category3 Pole Position flys. There were some nice silver Rainbows that put a fair bend in the lighter rod but the 6wt definitely had the edge controlling these speedsters. With school holidays with us it might be just the ticket to get some of the youngsters out into the fresh air – a Sage X will trump an Xbox any day 🙂



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