Fishing Reports

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Highly Fishable
Partly sunny

Its’s hot and sunny again in Turangi and the Cicadas are singing like crazy.

We weren’t able to do the Lake missions that we had planned over the last few days due to the winds cranking but was still able to get on the Tongariro for a weekend of firsts for the New Year.

I had my first Cicada muncher rise to take a big Category 3 Black Woomfah Cicada imitation followed be several more hungry terrestrial feeders on some pockety structured water. They absolutely engulfed the fly and took to the hills. Super good fun and lots more days like this to come on the Tongariro this summer I hope.

The next day I hit the water with James Mabin who has just moved back from Australia. Super good angler and a top bloke and we went on a mission to find some of the Big Tongariro Browns that come in this time of the year. The search didn’t disappoint. There are some monsters cruising the Tongariro. But they are wild monsters for a reason and enticing them is a challenge but a challenge that should be accepted by all Fly Fishing aficionados.

James did however land a lovely Brown in the following pictures running a Woomfah Cicada pattern with a small again Category 3 Gold Bead York Pattern in a size 14 as a dropper and the York did its job and the Dry went under as the nymph was swallowed. Super good fight trying to keep him away from the usual snaggy mayhem that comes from fishing for Tongariro Browns.

James Mabin and a Tongariro Brown

I lined up what was supposed to be the next Brown in the run and from our view point in some fairly heavy water it had the characteristics of a feeding brown but as you can see in my expression in the following photo I was a bit taken back to see this lovely little rainbow come to the net.

You’re supposed to be a Brown.

The next couple of weeks will be exciting on the Tongariro as more of these Big Chaps get enticed by Cicada falling on the water and succumb slightly easier to the anglers offerings. I’m pumped for it and have the dry fly box full and ready to go and make sure you are too.

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi


Andrew Burden