Fishing Reports

Wednesday 8th January 2020

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

Overcast but fine start here in Turangi this morning. The amazing thing is there is no wind to blow my sparsely populated hairs on my head apart on the walk into work this morning…….. the bonus of this is it will make it much easier for the fly casting anglers to cast and for the boaties to get a smooth ride.

A breath of relief for the fly casting anglers.  Reports have been a bit up and down on the evening rise with some anglers and some pools doing ok while others never seeing a fish rise.

Other anlgers on the river have battled to get a cast out and it appears a few gave up.  However the odd reports over the last few days have indicated a swing back to deeper nymphing but it is still worth fishing a dry and dropper as the odd fish are still looking up in places.  A good sized stimulator fly that is easy to see and somewhat represents a cicada may do the trick or some Parachute Adams.

Out on Lake Taupo most anglers are still reporting some great fishing with most anglers prefering to jig but don’t go past the tried and true method of trolling.  A good lure for this time of the year is usually the green lightening bolt toby but quite a few anglers have still taken out the stock standard ” Black and Gold ” toby.

Some nice silver fish caught in great condition but also watch that they may also contain Shag Worm.


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