Fishing Reports

Friday 8th January 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast and humid start to the day here in Turangi with light drizzly rain falling. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro came up a Gnat’s Whisker to 25.7 cumecs due to some overnight rain.

We were flat out in the shop yesterday so didn’t have much time to do much.

Good reports coming in from the jiggers.  Seems like plenty of fish getting caught by everyone.  Still getting reports for a mixture of condition of fish from them.  Favoured flies tend to be Ginger Mick Gold Body, Grey Ghost, Silicon Smelt, Gold Bodied Jack Sprat, Yellow Bodied Parson’s Glory.

Trollers tend to have been favouring hot pink lures, silvers, silver and blue, yellow and whites, black and golds.

When the sun has been out we have been hearing quite a few cicadas but the fish still need to lock onto them. Anglers always get trigger happy once they hear Cicadas and think the fish will lift to take them.  Here is part of the report I did on the 4th of December last year.

The odd reports of Cicadas have filtered through ….. we can sometimes get a good bit of humidity around Christmas which may bring them on but the weather can still be quite fickle here in Turangi with some really warm humid days and then the complete flick around to cool temperatures which will shut the cicadas down again. Usually about mid to late January they can get going with, in my opinion February is the best month ( sometimes only a two week window you may get ).  If you are lucky you will catch fish on cicadas through most of March and one year I had them lift up into the 1st week of April here on the Tongariro.

Basically you need the right conditions for them.  Some years they start off really well and you think it is going to be good … ( like last year ) and then it can get too dry.  It can also be too wet and cold. Contrary to popular belief, they hatch every year …… some years they are more intense than others, and other years they are less intense than others. Also when we get a lot of cicadas then anglers think they are going to do well …. here are a few scenarios on how good or bad cicada years can be …..  I’ve had years where there have hardly been many cicadas but the river has been full of fish and it has been awesome.

Lots of cicadas + Lots of fish still in the river = Fantastic Cicada Catching Year

Few Cicadas + Lots of fish in the river = Good Cicada Catching Year

Lots of Cicadas + No fish in the River = Poor Cicada Catching Year

Few Cicadas + No fish in the River = Poor Cicada Catching Year



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