Fishing Reports

Thursday 8th April 2021

Highly Fishable

The Tongariro looked very inviting this morning with just a wee tinge and a steady flow of about 23cumec. Not a lot of anglers crowding the popular spots which means heaps of room to spend some quality time on the river. Reports in today were a mix of smaller fish beating the bigger models to anglers offerings. There were still a few keepers that were a bit quicker off the mark tho and some of these were really nice Rainbows in nice condition. Browns are still featuring in captures and I hear of some horses hiding in the less trampled water so beating the feet and looking for these might provide some bragging rights.

Not a lot of reports from the other streams other than the TT that is low and clear. The boat angling has been tough for most however changing spots and methods can bring some joy but it sounds like perseverance is the key at the moment.

This Saturday will see the second of the scheduled Tongariro recreational releases so be aware there will be some extra flow.

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