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Friday 8th May 2020

Highly Fishable

We are up and operating on current restrictions here at Sporting Life.

A heads up from the Boss

“Sorry but to comply with level 3 our store is a restricted area.  Please place orders either by our: 

Online Store  – 

Email : 

Phone : 07 386 8996

Payment by card only please

The shop will be manned between 9:00am and 4:45pm for collection.  Courier orders may be delayed depending on availability of couriers.

At this stage we will not be doing repairs to waders / rods / reels until further notice – click / email / phone and collect only

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Tightlines from the Staff of Sporting Life ”


Taupō Fishery Update – The DOC Taupō Fishery Management Team in conjunction with the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board are pleased to confirm shore-based trout fishing in the Taupō District will resume for local anglers on Tuesday, when we drop from COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to Level 3. Fishing from a boat will remain out of bounds under Alert Level 3 – as it was under Level 4.

Safety remains the key concern, both for individuals and communities. Only experienced trout anglers who know how to minimise risks should consider going fishing. In addition, anglers are reminded to maintain social distancing and only fish in closer proximity with people who share your ‘bubble’.

Travel remains restricted under Alert Level 3 so anglers outside the Taupō District should not journey here to fish.

Once again, we would like to thank the huge majority of Taupō anglers for your support with the Level 4 restrictions – helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

For the most current information please refer to either the DOC website or Face book page.

As of Tuesday 28/04/2020 we will be open to do online, email and phone orders while we remain in Level 3. The Sportinglife Team will do our best to fill and courier orders with the resources available to us.

Fine and sunny here in Turangi today.  Quite a blustery wind for those wanting to head out on the river to fish.  This wind is causing leaves to blow all over the place.  For those of you with Baches and are wanting to get here to do a bit of gardening and maintenance then you will probably be busy with the lawns and the leaves !!  You may have a bit of time to squeeze in to get out for a fish.

I didn’t head out for a fish this morning as I deemed it a bit too windy.  I guess living locally you can pick and choose your days a bit.

Anyway I have a few pictures to post today and a video that I got yesterday.  For those of you that are a little squeamish you may not want to view the video. What is it? do you say.  I call it a Green Caddis Haggis.  It is the stomach from one of the trout I caught yesterday.  It was so big and so tight I decided to undertake an operation to see what was in it.  You guessed it … Green Caddis. The thing is, we have had a lack of floods over the last few months and most of you will have noticed that the river was very slimy.  The thing with this slime is it favours insect life.  A long period of dry, sunny weather is the cause of this. If this was later in the year and for example it had been dry and sunny and the river low over September and October then possibly the majority of insect life you will have found in the gut will most likely be Mayfly Nymphs.  The thing I have found with dealing with anglers over the last 20 years is the majority will have absolutley no idea of the main insect life the trout feed on … possibly thinking they only feed on smelt and glo bugs?? Well, check out the video below and be amazed!  All I can say is that if you are an angler don’t focus on just the trout themselves. Study their habits, food choices, what the habitats are the trout live in and what food is availiable to them …. go beyond and observe and learn more !!

(Below) The Tongariro River rainbow trout gut / stomach Green Caddis Haggis.


(Above) Check out these FAT, JUICY green caddis nymphs from a rainbow trout that I caught nymphing in the Tongariro River yesterday. You don’t Nymph you say … well, bang one of these nymphs on behind your wetfly …. no reason why you can’t !

(Below) A close up of the Green Caddis Nymph.  You can see the head and legs, the body and the tail. Barr’s Net Building Caddis fly is a good representation of this caddis nymph.

(Below) My knife next to the haul of green caddis nymphs ! I told you the trout go into a feeding frenzy after a flood.  It may have been a little different if we had had a few floods over the last few months and we didn’t have such a long dry / high sunshine time.  There may not have been as many nymphs.  That is another lesson to learn fly fishing …. every year is the same BUT DIFFERENT.  Never set up your expectations for the coming year based on the time you had last year. Always go out fishing like it is the first ever time you have been !




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