Fishing Reports

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with rain falling at times.  We had heavy downpours just before sunrise again this morning, similar to yesterday however today the cloud has hung around.  No wind as of 10:30am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at 32 cumecs.

We were flat out in the shop yesterday with anglers coming and going …… haven’t had time to scratch myself !! Anglers are all pretty happy ( FOR A CHANGE ) …. most are catching fish and are happy with the quality of the fish and reports the fish are fighting hard …….

Me … I’m too busy working to get to enjoy the benefits of some great fishing conditions ….. mind you I’ve caught enough over the years to satisfy my thirst for catching fish … it is good to leave the river alone to allow those who don’t get much time to go to have some fun.

We’ve had some good reports from the Trollers out on Lake Taupo.  They seem to be picking up some big sized fish.  Few reports from the Jiggers. Best colours of lures have been toby’s – Yellow Lightening Bolt, Copper, Pink Lightening Bolt, Green Yellow Silver and Red Spot toby.

Main flavours of choice for the nymphers in the rivers have been ” Bombs and Glo Bugs ”

(Above) Neil went for a look up on the ” Knob ” over looking the Judges Pool this morning. Three anglers in the Judges Pool that he could see.

(Below) Looking downstream from the ” Knob ” to a few anglers fishing the “Bridge Pool of Old “and looking beyond to Lake Taupo.

A bit grey and bleak looking today … roll on the sunshine !

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